Digital Business Cards - Your Networking Revolutionized!

Digital Business Cards - Your Networking Revolutionized!

For those wanting to create a powerful and memorable impression.

Enhance your business's competitive advantage with exquisitely branded and fully tailored digital business cards that keeps you connected.


What is a Digital Business Card?

A Digital Business Card is a unique, customizable, and sustainable way to exchange contact information and boost your lead connection.

It's more than just a business card; it's an interactive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly tool that enhances your networking experience as compared to traditional paper business cards.

But there are so many other benefits a digital business card can provide:

  • Generate Leads
  • Show Products & Services
  • Collect More Review & Ratings
  • Initiate Conversations
  • Get More Followers
  • Increase Engagement
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Link To Your Calendar
  • Professional Appearance

Why Choose Us?

We offers unique features that make networking a breeze.

Unlimited Card Sharing: Share your digital business card with anyone, anywhere without worrying about running out of cards.

Unique Card Customization: Personalize your card to reflect your brand's identity.

Effortless Networking: Quickly and effortlessly share your digital business card via a QR code, SMS, or email, ensuring seamless networking opportunities.

The Modern Approach to Networking

The Digital Card allows you to provide so much more than the basic contact information you see on traditional business cards. The Digital Card is one of the most customizable business cards on the market.


Customized Branding

Personalized with images, video, custom colors and logo, this digital business card allows your prospects and connections to easily reach you by email, phone, sms or social media

Add Links to Increase Conversions

Add custom links to help you get more reviews, schedule an appointment, visit your main website, or link to a whitepaper.  These custom links will help drive your contacts to where it matters most.


Sharing Is Easy as Pie- No App Download!

You can share your contactless digital card with anyone, on any device - in seconds. Your recipients do not need to create an account for a service, or download an app!  The "Add to Contacts" feature ensures that your contact info is never lost.

How Does It Work?

  • 1
    Order Your Card

    Fill out the order form and once we receive it, you will get access to your account.

  • 2
    Personalize Your Card

    Personalize the look of your digital business card and add all of your contact information.

  • 3
    Ready, Set, Share!

    Start sharing your Card via the QR Code, text or email.  Be sure to post the link on social media to let others know how to reach you!

The Digital Card Advantage:


Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for physical cards.


Share your card virtually or in-person, via text, email, or social media.


Save on the recurring cost of printing physical business cards.


Engage more effectively with your contacts.


XeBITS Digital Business Card Pricing

Digital Business Card (Popular)

  • 24-7 Access
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Easy Share
  • Your Photo
  • About Section
  • Video Section
  • 8 Custom Links

Office Business Card
Minimum of 10 cards

$ 87
  • 24-7 Access
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Easy Share
  • Your Photo
  • About Section
  • Video Section
  • 8 Custom Links
  • Private Office Account Login (optional)
  • Hosted on custom URL (optional)