Peter Schmeiser was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa, and received an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering before getting involved in medical research in traumatic brain injuries. Following his interest in science, he now is fascinated by the solar industry and converting the world to clean energy. Peter joined this group to build stronger relationships with local professionals and is always looking to hop into one-on-ones!

Peter works at Energy Advantage Roofing and Solar as an exterior remodeling and renewable energy sales representative. Energy Advantage looks at the roofing and solar industry differently – with a focus on sourcing and installing the longest-lasting materials on the market, we hope to give our customers a system that will last their lifetime. Some reasons people love working with EA (and leave great reviews!) are: there are no required payments until the project is complete, we have extremely short turnaround times, and we never charge the customer more than what is outlined in the contract. Our team is also involved in many community service and charitable efforts including Meals on Wheels, Snowball Express, and Young Americans for Financial Education to name a few.